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Parchment Paper Roll

Parchment Paper Roll


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Parchment paper roll is made of 100% pure virgin wood pulp with double sides food grade silicone coating. So it perform well at greaseproof,waterproof, non-stick and high-temperature resistance to 230℃-20min.Thanks to these features, silicone parchment paper roll is widely used in food(muffin/cake/cookies/chocolate) baking/cooking,freezing,steaming and wrapping.
Hangzhou Guanglian Complex Paper is a professional manufacturer of silicone coated parchment paper in China. We provide different types of parchment paper and greaseproof food wrapping paper, with our high quality, good service and competitive price, our paper has been exported to Southeast-Asian, Oceania, America,Africa and other countries. if you have interests in this product, please feel free to contact us.
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